How to Create a Culture Boost for any Employer Size

Posted on: August 25th, 2021 by New Benefits

When COVID-19 first transitioned from a two-week shutdown to a full-blown pandemic, most of my conversations with employers and consultants were shadowed by a ‘reaction-hangover.’ While I witnessed creative ways to let employees know they care, for most employers, the thought of making any benefit changes was burdensome and overwhelming. 

This year, an equal and opposite reaction is happening as employers strive to attract, reward, and retain their workforces through enhanced, wellness-focused benefit solutions.  

Whether your clients are getting ready to open back up their doors, trying to grow their workforce again, or hoping to avoid the “Great Resignation,” well-being benefits are the solution. Large corporations have already started taking action: McDonald’s recently added childcare benefits, Starbucks has mental health services, and Chipotle implemented a financial wellness program. All in the goal of attracting and retaining top talent. 

How are the small to mid-market employers expected to compete? 

Craving a Stronger Culture?  

Non-insured benefits can be the secret sauce (McDonald’s pun intended). For less than the cost of a company luncheon (forgive me, I’m just hungry), employers of any size can provide a “culture boost” to attract and retain top talent.  

Earlier this Spring, one of our consulting partners connected me with their client to review our identity theft options. Within a 30-minute meeting they had found a single administrator who would be able to provide their organization not only with identity theft, but also mental health, fertility advocacy, legal, and pet care savings benefits. It was their choice to make it employer-paid and it is the chosen path traveled more often. 

Culture boosting benefits offer something for every employee, regardless of stage of life or employment status:

  • A retail store with full-time and part-time employees can offer telemedicine, vision and dental discounts to provide well-rounded health savings options
  • A law firm can provide concierge health advocacy and pricing transparency, fertility advocacy, and childcare solutions in one membership to assist with guidance of life’s challenges
  • An agency with a large population of contract workers can entice new hires with on-demand pay and virtual counseling

What Boosts You? 

Aside from food, kindness provides the boost I need. Not everyone has a Ted who delivers them homemade biscuits on Mondays (and if you don’t get that reference – the world isn’t ‘wrong’, you need to watch Ted Lasso). After a year of perspective around what matters, I’m not alone. 

The pandemic exposed our vulnerability as humans beyond just being employees.  Organizations now recognize the need to prove they appreciate their employees. Many employees aren’t hesitating to leave careers for companies who outwardly care for their employees’ well-being.

When employers boost their culture with valuable, meaningful benefits, they also gain a loyal, passionate workforce. Employees will grow roots in a culture focused on care, which will continue to attract like-minded workers.  

I’m always here to discuss your favorite Ted Lasso scenes or more importantly, discuss how you can craft a culture boost solution and help your client deliver the proverbial biscuits to their employees every day.

Jake Cleer
Vice President, Sales