New Benefits Technology and Benefits Updates: Q1 2022

Posted on: March 28th, 2022 by New Benefits


Take on Digital Wellness with Aura DigitalGuard

As our lives are increasingly lived online, digital wellness will become a crucial piece of holistic well-being. Digital wellness encompasses not only identity theft protection and resolution, but also device security and online privacy.

New Benefits is excited to announce a new addition to our ID theft monitoring and resolution portfolio: Aura DigitalGuard and Aura DigitalGuard Complete. Aura goes beyond the credit and social security fraud you typically expect, providing additional security for your digital presence through powerful antivirus protection, WiFi security, safe browsing software, and more.

Available for individuals and families, Aura’s solution helps:

  • Protect from identity theft, financial fraud, and other types of online crime
  • Resolve issues 24/7/365 with a dedicated Case Manager 
  • Keep online accounts and identity secure
  • And more


Break the Benefits Cycle with Elelife

We live in a consumer-driven, digital sales world, yet benefits are still rarely purchased beyond the short Open Enrollment timeframe. Customers are stuck with limited options, and you’re confined to a tight sales window. 

New Benefits is proud to provide Elelife as a solution to our clients. 

Elelife elevates your business by breaking open the brief benefit sales period. Through a customized digital storefront, the robust Elelife marketplace enables you to sell important benefits, products, and services to your customers — all year long.

By creating a custom Elelife digital storefront, you gain:

  • Additional commission by providing year-round access to non-insured benefits, discounted health-related products and services, and voluntary insurance
  • The technology, platform, and administrative support to sell additional products and services to your customers online, with customization options
  • On-demand sales opportunity to compete with big tech companies offering direct-to-consumer sales

Visit to request your storefront. 


New Benefits is committed to regularly investing in our benefit portfolio and technology, ensuring you and your clients are positioned with the best savings and engagement opportunities possible. Every quarter, we’ll share the latest benefits, mobile app features, and tools implemented by our team.

Contact your Account Executive or for any additional details on our benefit updates — we look forward to sharing more exciting enhancements in the near future!