How the New Benefits Rx Pricing Tool Works

Posted on: April 19th, 2022 by New Benefits

When filling a prescription, most people go to their regular pharmacy and pay the discounted insurance price or co-pay, or the retail rate. Even with insurance, the cost can be a huge, expensive surprise. 

We shouldn’t have to roll the dice every time we go to the pharmacy. Discount prescription programs like New Benefits Rx not only help you save on most medications, they also provide transparency and choice on the price you pay.

What is a Prescription Discount Program?

Prescription discount programs help find savings on most medications. When using an Rx discount card to purchase a medication, you pay the discounted price to the pharmacy at the time of purchase. In a number of cases, this discounted price can be lower than the pre-negotiated insurance rate or co-pay amount. 

How to Find Savings with a Discount Rx Program

Most prescription discount programs offer a pricing tool to locate and compare savings. After entering details about the prescription, including medication name and dosage, the pricing tool displays the discounted rates at pharmacies. 

It’s important to use the pricing tool every time you fill a prescription, even when getting refills for the same medication, since the price may change. 

The New Benefits Rx pricing tool not only shows the discounted price you’ll pay, but also gives you access to all the resources necessary to access the deal. Once you’ve selected the best savings option, print, email, or text the Prescription Savings Card and bring it to the pharmacy. The pharmacist needs a few numbers on the card, including the BIN, PCN, Group ID, and Member ID to give you the discounted price — similar to an insurance card. 

Where to Access the New Benefits Rx Pricing Tool

There are three different ways to access the New Benefits Rx pricing tool:

  1. If you have New Benefits Rx as part of a benefits program through an employer, association, insurance company, or other organization, the tool can easily be accessed through your program’s mobile app or web portal. Just tap the New Benefits Rx tile from the benefit dashboard, then Check Prices & Pharmacies, and fill out the prescription search to compare pharmacy prices.
  2. If you do not have a benefit membership, visit to enter prescription details and find the best deal.
  3. If you do not have a membership but would like easy access to the pricing tool via app, you can download the New Benefits mobile app and register as a free pharmacy user. Visit this landing page for step-by-step instructions!