Health Advocacy

The healthcare system can be confusing, in-network healthcare prices vary by 300% or more, and over 30% of medical bills are wrong. With health advocacy, employees have an expert in their corner to educate, motivate, and empower them to more easily navigate the healthcare system and better utilize their benefits. Health advocates help employees become smarter healthcare consumers by optimizing their networks with high-quality, cost-effective care, saving employers millions in both healthcare and productivity expenses.

  • Highly trained health advocates answer insurance questions, explain and coordinate care options, and provide guidance through healthcare concerns
  • Skilled negotiators review medical bills, resolve errors, and negotiate for better discounts or payment arrangements
  • Price transparency tools provide cost comparisons for providers, procedures, and prescriptions so employees can make smarter, more cost-effective healthcare decisions

Vendors: Alight Navigator; Alight Price Transparency; Health Advocate Solutions