Client Portal
/ Client Portal

Client Portal serves as the central hub for your benefit program, putting data at your fingertips to drive the best outcomes for you and your customers. Manage groups, track commissions, and pull utilization data, all in a single location.

/ Dynamic Dashboard

The dynamic dashboard gives you a snapshot of your program’s success.

/ Data Analytics

Make more informed business decisions by pulling on-demand, dynamic reports providing insights on the success of your benefits program.

/ Manage Members

Easily add, edit, upload, and remove member profiles, ensuring information stays up-to-date and accurate.

/ FAQs

Questions & Answers

The dashboard displays revenue generated, commissions earned, total active members, mobile app registrations, and more.

Pull reports to track data trends on benefit utilization, mobile app engagement, revenue, active memberships, and more. This information can help you understand benefits are valued most by your customers, how to best configure your benefits package, and when to jumpstart member communication to drive awareness and utilization.

You’ll be given a Client Portal account after signing an agreement with New Benefits. If you’d like a tour of Client Portal before signing on, ask for a demo from