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/ Member Engagement

Deliver your benefits in style with the New Benefits mobile app and web portal. With benefit access, education, and communication at their fingertips, members are empowered to better utilize and engage with your program.

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/ Easy Access

The New Benefits mobile app and portal make it easy for members to access all their benefits online, all in one place.

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/ My Wallet

My Wallet simplifies access to benefit information with a single location to store and view cards for medical insurance, HSA, and more.

/ My Insurance

Members can also access their insurance plan details through the app with My Insurance, putting all benefits at their fingertips.

/ FAQs

Questions & Answers

You can talk to our benefit pros about the different levels of app customization, from just changing the logo and colors within the app to fully white labeling the app down to the name and icon.

Absolutely! You and your groups have the ability to schedule custom push notifications to members with certain benefits, within certain locations, or within certain groups.

Around two weeks after their memberships are activated, members will receive a kit detailing how to register for the app. Members will need to use their Member ID and Group ID, which will be provided to them.

The app and portal include all the same information! The only difference is one is a downloadable app and the portal is accessible online via desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.