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/ NB Marketplace

NB Marketplace enables you to sell benefits, products, and services on-demand through a customized digital storefront. The storefront includes your logo, brand colors, and products — available for purchase year-round through a secure payment platform during enrollment, off-cycle, as an upsell opportunity, and direct-to-consumer.

/ Year-Round Access

Earn additional commission by providing year-round access to various benefits, products, and services.

/ Customization

We provide the technology and administrative support to customize your storefront with brand colors, logos, and selected items to sell.

/ On-Demand Sales

Implement your own on-demand sales platform to compete with big tech companies who offer direct-to-consumer sales.

/ FAQs

Questions & Answers

One of the advantages of selling benefits through an e-commerce site is the direct connection between you and the purchaser. While the affinity to the organization is what got the employee or member to your storefront, as long as they pay for their benefits, the employee/member can keep them.

A link to your NB Marketplace storefront can either be distributed by the employer directly, made available through the mobile app, or added to marketing materials.

Yes! When setting up your storefront, we will create packages with most additional products you’d like to provide employees. The storefront URL can be sent directly to employees or incorporated within the My Benefits Work mobile app, giving employees direct access to make individual purchases.