Aura DigitalGuard Complete

If a criminal breaks into your house, they can steal jewelry, electronics, or other physical possessions. But if they hack into your phone, computer, or online accounts, they have access to your entire life. Hackers and online criminals are constantly finding new ways to steal identities, break into financial accounts, and take over WiFi networks and devices. With Aura DigitalGuard Complete, you have protection for the things that matter to you the most: your personal info, money & assets, family & reputation, and privacy.

Aura DigitalGuard Complete makes the internet a safer place with complete protection for your identity, finances, and devices with around-the-clock service to help if you become a victim of fraud.

Enjoy peace of mind with Aura DigitalGuard Complete.

Individual and Family plans available. *Limited to 10 additional accounts for adults