Caregiver Concierge

Serving as a loved one’s caregiver is rewarding, but also challenging and stressful. Caregiver Concierge provides you with access to three resources to help manage responsibilities more easily; a full-service caregiving solution; a companionship and task assistance service; and a legal document creation service.

Say you become the primary caregiver for your mother after she suffered a stroke. After a comprehensive intake session, you’ll be paired with a dedicated Care Team that will work to understand your unique caregiving situation, and develop a personalized Care Plan with a focus on solutions. Schedule a thoroughly vetted Care Companion to provide additional companionship for your mom, and help take her to appointments and manage household chores. Stay prepared by creating high-quality legal documents, including healthcare directives, power of attorney, wills, and more.

Get premium support for your caregiving journey with Caregiver Concierge.