Who We Serve

Employee Benefits Brokerage / Consulting Firms

We Create Advantage for employee benefits brokerage and consulting firms by providing access to a wide spectrum of sought-after non-insured benefits, which can be bundled into custom packages and quickly implemented.

Rather than having to manage multiple benefits through a variety of vendors, we serve as a single source solution for non-insured benefits, technology, and service. You can build custom benefit packages for each client, or use one of our ready-to-go packages for a quick implementation. We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your core business model while enhancing your benefit portfolio.

These benefits help you Create Advantage for a variety of clients, including:

  • Employer groups
  • Affinity groups
  • Associations
  • Unions

Meet Nate, Employee Benefits Practice Leader

In a fast changing world, Nate wanted to bring his employer groups innovative products and services to solve the challenges of employee engagement. His benefit pro discussed the most sought-after non-insured benefits available through New Benefits and helped Nate craft a custom package including earned wage access, pet care, fertility advocacy, and virtual behavioral health counseling. Nate was able to present a solution to his clients with minimal administrative hassle thus solidifying the renewal.